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I am new here and have been reading the posts for a week and was wondering if I could get some help. I have a 1970 Mustang coupe that I have had since 1979 ( first car). I am putting a new headliner and vinyl top and paint on the car. In the rear window chanel at the top I have a Rusted through area about 1/4 " wide by 2" long. My dad has a bead blaster and I am going to blast this area and another place that is surface rust. I know the right way is to cut it out and replace it but I don't have a welder and it is in the window channel in the curved area at the top where the rubber gasket for the window is.Can I fill this spotand with what?
I have done body work in the past ( 15 years ago) when Bondo was the thing to use, what is the best filler to use on this rusted area and other dents after they have been hammered out? What type of primer can I use as I do the body work, I am disabled so it will take me awhile to finish the car. I need a primer that I can spray as i finish a area. I might try to paint the car myself, I have painted enamil in the past but I want to use a base/ clear coat. I know I will need a new gun. I have a cheap gun to spray primer, not HVLP.
Thanks For any help.
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