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I have a 55 GMC truck that I was looking to acid diped and E coated. how does Por-15 compare to dipping and e coating and how can you get it in tite places like where the bed has that roll at the top of the bed
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POR 15 is something you would use to complement dipping and e coating. What POR 15 will do is keep the rust from coming back. Its a rock hard coating that seals the metal from the elements. Think of it as permanent primer. Don't use it as a finish coat on any surface that will see direct sunlight as its color won't hold up in ultraviolet light. Won't damage its anti rust capabilities any but the color will turn chalky. Great for frames and inside trunks etc.

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Agree w/Centerline... when I did my fenders I just tipped them around and let the POR15 soak up into seams- I know it's a little harder to tip a bed!! Be sure if you acid dip to get it really, really clean- a friend of mine didn't and it oozed out later to ruin his finish. Good Luck- POR15 is great stuff!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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