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RUSTBUSTERS....Good or Bad??

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Hello,New to the sight but do recognize some of you from elsewhere.Looks like another great source of information.I posted this on another forum but really found nobody with any first hand experience.They are a company who uses a procedure described as spray welding to repair rust holes in fenders etc.Has anyone had any experience good or bad??Look forward to visiting this site on a regular basis! SeeYa!!
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This Rustbusters process is the real deal. I saw it at a swap meet. This is a machine that can actually convert wire to sprayable form thus rebuilding rusted metal panels. Its a machine that any restorer cannot live without. There are shops all across the country doing this type of work or if you have an extra $40,000 to invest in a killer hobby you can buy the machine yourself.

Check out <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and connected websites. I was totally impressed as the rebuilt surface is coated in galvanize metal and remains rust free. Works on steel,copper,brass,aluminum and stainless steel by just changing the wire. I wish I knew about this process when I was rebuilding my '34 Roadster. I will definately use it on my 65 GTO.

Signed, MD
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This is plasma spray welding? Been around for years...eons maybe? I have never seen it advertised to repair rust before?
Sure sounds like plasma spraying. About a decade ago, plasma sprayed aluminum as a header coating was the hot setup then ceramic/metallic came out and made the plasma obsolete.
Very interesting....

Here's a somewhat related thread you might find useful:

<a href=";f=13;t=000022" target="_blank">;f=13;t=000022</a>
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