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RV Turbo 400

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I have the chance for a T400 for $300.00. I'm hesitating because it comes out of a late 70's early 80's class A motor home with 75k miles. I'm building a 37 Chevy business coupe. It will be mild. I have a stock 350 engine out of a 71 Corvette. The T400 will handle more horse power than I can get out of a stock 350 but the price is right.
So the question is....Is the 4T400 and the torque converter in a motor home the same as the one in a car. I also have a line on a T350.

Thanks for the input
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A turbohydramatic 400 from a motorhome is a heavy duty trans. It may have a drum emergency brake on the output yoke. This was cost cutting measure by Gm to not have to put cables to the brake on the dual wheel rearend. The case should have "HD" cast into the bellhousing area. These have straiight cut gears sets which are stronger however make a noticible whining noise. They also have increased fluid capacity due to and deep pans, some on bigger vehicles have extra cooler lines on the back of the trans. They have modified shift points to hold second gear for pulling on long hills/inclines. The clutch packs may also have short pistons for additional clutches for high gear. They are a super strong unit, however Motorhomes were primarily used in summer months and possible pulling a trailer, which means lots of abuse and heat. .
Depending on who owned the motorhome and if it was cared for and maintained, I would have no problem using one of these units behind a 350. Check the fluid and filter, a clear indication of condition. Most likely the last transmission you will ever have to use. It will probably out live you. But hey, Just an opinion, to me reliability and toughness is of primary importance. Good luck on your project!
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