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S-10 rearend identification

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What is the quickest way for me to identify what size ring gear my S-10 has? Is there an identifier somewhere on the housing? I pulled the cover and the ring gear has 41 teeth and the pinion has 12 (3.42's)

Finally I have heard that the S-10 rearends are "relatively" sturdy (I know not Ford 9 inch or 12 bolt sturdy) but I am trying to get an idea of how much abuse they can take.

I want to swap them out for the 3.42's out for 4.11's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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s-series through the late 90s were all 7.5 or 7.625

its the same axle as under the 82-up f bodies and so many other cars

dont abuse it at all.
it is the smallest axle and the lightest, and is not known for strength at all actually.

but if driven not real hard they can hold up to a somewhat mild engine and most survive for a for a long while.
it depends on other factors such as traction and axle condition/age/wear and driving habits and such.

most ppl upgrade to a ford explorer 8.8 axle in which bolts in under there except for minor shock mount mods.

i have a '91 s10 currently and have owned many other first gens over the years.

4.11 wasnt a factory ratio option on the s-series but was on others such the Luvs, etc.

3.42 is very common and is about the best all around ratio for performance and good cruising rpm

mines 3.07 ratio but with the 4.3L TBI engine its fast enough for me.

i would swap to 3.42 under mine if i were to change it at all.

i ned to do this to the '82 trans am sitting here, one of these days,

have fun!
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4.10 was a factory ratio. mostly in 4 cyl trucks
My '91 4 cyl, 5 speed, has 4.10's, so did my dad's 87 2.8 V6 w/TH-700R4 4WD extended cab. I also had an 85 2.8 5 speed with 3.73's for parts.
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