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I've got a 97 S-10 with an L31 Vortec block 350. Im running an NV3500 5 speed transmission. Exhaust isnt that big of a deal with this transmission.

Im running the Trans Dapt engine brackets with the 2.8 mounts. The Trans dapt brackets give you the option of mounting the engine raised up about an inch and a half to give extra oil pan clearance or in the stock position.

I recently lowered my engine down from the raised position to the stock position. My oil pan still clears no problem and I have a ton more clearance from the firewall and trans tunnel for the header collectors and the distributor.

The NV3500 does sit very close to the passenger side lower control arm mount with the engine in the lower position. Right next to where the clutch release cylinder goes. Had to heat up the mount with a torch and bend it out of the way.

I'm running dual mandrel bent 2.5" exhaust with two 3" chambered mufflers. Ran both pipes down the passenger side away from the fuel tank and over the axle.
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