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Hi, my name is sawdustbob. Got the name from a person on a job site I was working at, where there were 3 Bobs. So, each of us had a nick-name attached to Bob, instead of 3 prople saying "yeah" when Bob was called. Get it? I made it sound complicated, but it's not.
My first car was a 57 Chevy convertable, power pack, 3 speed on the floor. Bought it after being in the service in 1967 form $375?. I sold it about 2 years later for $400. Couldn't afford the auto insurance.
Second car was a 64 Malibu convert, 283, auto. Sold it when I moved.
I've had a 69 Cougar, 79 Z-28, 74 Dodge Coronet (ex cop car), and a 1990 Chevy Silverado which I still have. 217 thousand miles, and still going strong. Pulled a trailer fron LA to Indy with no problems.
Steering wheel is loose, that's why I'm on this site. Would like to fix it my-self, but may not have the talent and patience.
Born on Long Island, NY. Lived there till I was 18, the US Army, back to NY, then Pheonix then Los Angeles now in Indianapolis IN.
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