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When the starter was new in the box from Summit, it would have had several circular shims made to go between the starter motor and the aluminum adapter plate that mounts it to a chevy block.
They were used to set the at-rest position of the starter gear and bendix. They would shim the starter gear back toward the front on the car, fixing your constant mesh problem.

You may have to search, but IIRC you can get that shim package separately.
and I'm not talking about the ordinary long and flat starter mounting pad shims.

In regards to the flexplate and torque converter, are the raised pads around the torque converter bolt holes facing to the rear of the car, towards the converter??.
Hard to tell from just the one pic, but the flexplate may be on backwards. If so, it will be almost an 1/8" difference

It will also affect the starter depth if the flexplate is backwards on the crank.
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