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SBC Chevy Stroker Build

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I am needing some help on a new engine build. I'm thinking of building a 383 or 406 or ??? stroker and would like all input. The engine is going in a 69 Z28 Camaro and will be driven some on the street and some on the strip. I would like to end up with 500+ Hp and similar torque. What I would like everyone's input on is build-up combinations that will work. I won't say money is no problem but I want the car to be impressive. I've looked at the crate engines out there and haven't found any that make me comfortable with sending them large sums of money with nothing to show! I am open to suggestions and anyone that has built such an engine feel free to comment. Thanks in advance!
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There are lots of guys on here with tons of combos and have allot more time to get into it for you. But I offer this, there is no replacement for displacement. Use a 2 BOLT MAIN 400 block, bore it .060 = 412 cid. This is just to get things started.
One thing to consider............

Which ever displacement you go.....remember...compression is what makes power. For street 9.5 or 10:1cr is about max. If you use a long duration(230-240 degree) cam with a tight LSA (106-110degree) it will bleed off a little compression at low speeds and avoid running into detonation. In that case MAYBE 10.5 or 11:1. Race fuel is an option also or octane booster.
DO NOT use domed pistons to acheive the high compression. Zero deck the block and small chambered heads with a flat-top piston is better. Even running a POSITIVE deck height(pistons above the blocks deck) and dished pstons is good. Better quench area the fuel/air mixture burns inside the piston top instead of in chamber and on top of piston. Jury is still OUT on whether a long(6"+) rod is better than the 5.7" rods. I THINK the long rod "theory/idea" is best but there are many who don't. Remember also that an engine is a huge air pump. If you fill it FULL of air you gotta get all the air OUT too !
If you cam the hell out of it and get some good breathing gonna make power.
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