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can anyone decipher engine ID code? F052IDH I believe the f is flint 05 may 02 2nd day I looked up the suffix and all I could find was ID not IDH, ID is a 327 its supposed to be a 283! it is the code in front of passenger side cylinder head.

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Are you sure it`s "I"? I ask since your overall list of numbers appears to be 1 number short, so this would indicate the code is DH. These are the following codes for DH:
DH 1958 283 Powerglide 250 FI Vette
DH 1965 283 Powerglide 220 4 Chevelle
DH 1968 307 Powerglide - - full size
Of course, I could be wrong as I`m not there and don`t see the code myself. What`s the casting number of the block? What`s the date code? The date code will be on the bellhousing flange with a code that looks like this:
A 5 9 A - January 5 - 5th 9 - whatever given year that number was casted, 1959,,69,, etc.

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0521 should be date code

may 21

if it was may 02 then it would be 0502 code

DH should be suffix code

looks like 283 or 307 to me if its DH

just because its supposed to be something doesnt mean that it really is

ppl claim the wrong size on engines all the time because they have no clue

i someone told you it was 327 dont believe it until it is decoded. assume its worthless unless the code(s) say differently.

get your casting date code of the block it will have the year and that will tell you what one of the above it is.

no three digit suffix stamping codes until 1970 BTW

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defilade said:
I checked its definitely F052IDH, F zero five two I D H
the I's they used are really 1's you have a date of 05 month (MAY) and 21st day of the month. DH is you suffix code. :thumbup: What is the casting number on the back of the block?

Found a good site. this came up .
code/year CID Vehicle / HP / RPO / TRANS / CARB size cam
DH 58 283 Corvette 250 579 Power glide/ FI Rochester
DH 59 283 Corvette 250 579 Power glide/ FI Rochester
DH 65 283 Chevelle 220 L-77 Power glide / 4-Brl Hyd Cam
DH 66 283 Chevelle 220 L-77 Power glide / 4-Brl Hyd Cam
DH 68 307 Impala 200 L-14 Power glide / 2-Brl Hyd Cam
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