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Stroked Z28
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Ok I listened to what everbody suggested previously:

How does this sound for my 383 combo:
Edelbrock RPM heads (70cc)
Edelbrock RPM Intake
750 CFM carb
Comp XE274H-10 cam (230/236 @0.05" with .487/.490 lift & LSA of 110)
Harland Sharp 1.5 ratio roller rockers
3.73's & TKO 600 for a mild 3600 lbs street car

This combo, running the GM Performance Parts Composite 0.028" x 4.100 head gasket (which the Edelbrock tech said was OK) yields:

Static Compression Ratio: 10.3:1
Dynamic Compression Ratio: 8.35:1
Quench: 0.053 (best I can do at this point)

Look better? Comments?

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Those heads flow well.
I would look to 200 cc ports, prefer AFR.

The valves/cubes indicate the ideal LSA is 105*,

which will add 10* more overlap compared to the cam you've chosen..... that might be too lopey for you in a mild street car. But it will bump up your torque by 30# and give away some at 6000.

3600 pounds seems pretty light unless you have a small Nova. Full of fuel and the standard 170# American driver?????

I suggest you research using a single pattern cam of 224* on 105* with all the lift you can get, including 1.6 rockers. But it will bump up your torque by 30#.
I think that you would like it better with the TKO.

Either cam I would suggest CompCams "armored" lifters because you will need a good spring pressure, even with beehives.

edited = and I like the grooved heads too.

The 105/224 cam should put your peak torque at 4200 and your peak hp at 5800.

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Just be sure to assemble the motor with some old, stock springs. After break-in, change them out for the springs the cam grinder recommends. Also, use an oil additive that contains molybdenum disulphide (an extreme pressure lubricant) for break-in. After break-in, use a premium racing oil that has the additives which are not present in everyday engine oils anymore. In my humble opionion, the lack of these additives are what is contributing to wiping the cam lobes out with flat tappet cams.
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