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SBC timing chain cover interchangeability

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Will an old-school SBC timing chain cover work on a Vortec block? I assume yes, but the guy who sold me the block was sure enough that it woudn't that he sent me a vortec plastic timing cover.

Anyway, the reason is that I have this beautiful cast aluminum timing cover that I want to use on the Vortec build. Just curious if there is a difference for the thrust button on the cam or anything.
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soon to be leaking oil

the one peace pan gasket design of the vortec doesnt have the same seal width so it will leak,ebay and get nice aluminum one for the vortec sorry... :(
I used a stock timing chain cover on my Vortec engine as well as a friends, both use 1 piece oil pan gaskets, neither leaks a drop.
The Vortec blocks do not have the locating dowel pins installed for the old school timing cover,however,you can install a pair of pins and use a one piece gasket for a 88-95 TBI 350.
Ok, thanks for the tips guys.
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