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Scam on the classifieds, beware

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I posted an add on the classifieds section last week. I have a Caddy telescoping/tilt steering column that I wanter to sell and I figured this would be a good place to get rid of it. I have recieved 2 bogus responses so far. This is the first one. Watch out!


Thanks for your mail towards my offer,I'm well-pleased with the Negotiable price..And i do located in West-Germany.

Consecutively,for the means of payment am using Cashier's check, co's it will turn out to real cash,so the Cashier's check will be Delivered to you Packagely by Courier your Door-step,and for the Shipping of the Cad tilt/telescoping s column , i will handle it,co's i have a Well organised Shipper that will come for the pick up of the Cad tilt/telescoping s column from your Destination and i do promise you that you will definitely enjoy doing business with me.

Furthermore,my Client is Residing in USA, he is owing me a Sum of money of $2000 and,so he will be Issuing a Check of $2000 you will be deducting your own money from it which is $100 and you will be sending the remaining balance to my Shipper's through Western Union Money transfer,so that i can instruct them to come for the Pick up of the Cad tilt/telescoping s column ,from you at your own convinient time....

Moreso,let me have your Full name is going to be on the check and Residential address including your Cell Phone Number or any Number that i will be able to reach you at point of time. I hope this is stated to you Clearly and understanding. Stay Bless...

PS:I will want you to kindly take-off the advert from the site..ok,so for doing that i will be willingly compensated you with $30,so your total deduction will be $130.


Charles Moore.
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lol, how long does your ad run, 90 days? Expect about a dozen of these letters.

I had a couple expedition rear ends for sale and got about 30 of these guys. I am sure some of the dolts didn't even have a clue what I was selling but at scammers school the get the right buzz words to look for, like Cadillac or Expedition.

Real nice of him to offer you 30 bucks to pull the ad.
Unbelievable what some people will do to make a buck.
Here is some information on the scam.
I have gotten letters like these from dads truck website, No ad!

funny thing is the letter insulted my dad by offering 2k for his truck, he didnt even realize it was a scam, but told the guy to F* himself...

made me laugh...
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