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this guy e-mailed me this crap and i really want to screw with him, but i'm not sure what to say.

anyone have any suggestions?

PLOT#: 6/108 BROAD STREET, P.O.BOX: 70007.P.M.B: 2276009.
TELEX: NMBL0096.TEL: +234-80-285-26809
Personal Email: [email protected]
Official Email:[email protected]

FROM THE DESK: Mr. Benson Smith.

Attention: Sir/Madam/Director/Ceo,

Please permit me to introduce my humble self to you, I am Mr. Benson
I am the Manager of International Relation with Access Bank Nigeria
I 'm 38yrs old, I got your email address on the Internet, and my
reposed on you. I hope you read this message carefully and reply me
Although we have not meet before, but I suggest that this transaction
bring us together.

My dear, we have a customer, a foreigner but base here in Nigeria, his
is Mr. Hamilton Creek. He is from Atlanta Georgia United State of
but base here with his wife and his two children, Mr. Hamilton has been
banking with our bank for the past 4yrs, some time August 2002, Mr.
was on his way to his house, and unfortunately, Mr. Hamilton ran into a
Trailer load of Groundnut Oil, and died immediately, their car got
no single soul was saved, Mr. Hamilton Creek and his entire family was

My Board Directors and Board Management of Access Bank Nigeria Limited
mandated and instructed me to look for Mr. Hamilton Creek
and his next of Kin to come and claim Mr. Hamilton's Fund, Since August
2002 till date, I have been looking for Mr. Hamilton Creek relation's
relatives/Next of Kin to come and claim Mr. Hamilton's Fund which he
with our bank, I have contacted his Embassy and after 3days, his
told me that Mr. Hamilton Creek has no relation and no next of kin,
Ambassador told me that Mr. Hamilton used his first son as his next of
but it is quite unfortunate that Mr. Hamilton Creek died with all his

The reason why I contacted you is thus, Mr. Hamilton is dead, and his
son whom supposed to inherit his properties and money also died with
As at this moment, nobody or person is coming to claim this money
our bank. The board directors and management of our bank has told me
if nobody or person apply for the claim of Mr. Hamilton Fund, the
will return Mr. Hamilton's Fund into our Federal Reserve.

In the Light of the above, I want you to stand as the Relation/relative
of Late Mr. Hamilton Creek, I want you to act as the Hamilton's
so that you will inherit Mr. Hamilton Creek Money which he deposited
our bank, it might interest you to know that Mr. Hamilton has a
Bank Account with our Bank and he has a total sum of US$9.2M Nine
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars, this is the exact amount which late Mr.
Creek has in his domiciliary Account, and this money is still in his
as unclaimed money.

This transaction is very easy and simple, and it is 100% risk free, I'm
the Manager for International Relations with Access Bank Nigeria
and the Management and Board Directors of the Bank are waiting for me
provide to them the Relation or next of Kin to late Mr. Hamilton Creek,
of which I told them that I am still searching the next of kin to the

Finally, if you are interested with this transaction, I will front you
the bank as the only next of kin to late Mr. Hamilton Creek, and I will
let the bank know that you are the only right person to inherit late
Hamilton Funds and properties. if you agree with me, I will present you
to my bank as the rightful person/next of kin to Late Mr. Hamilton
and all Mr. Hamilton Creek Properties and his Money US$9.2M Nine
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars will be Transferred into your own Account
Mr. Hamilton Creek next of kin. If you are interested, let me inform
that I have all the documents to back you-up claim the funds, so you
nothing to worry, if you are interested, just email me your full name,
telephone/mobile number including your age so that my lawyer can
prepare the
relevant documents to facilitate this transaction, if you are
interested, late
Mr. Hamilton Funds will be Credited into your Account and all his
will be Released to you either through Courier Services or the Bank
will Cargo
all his properties to you in any were you want it. So reply me
immediately and
let me know what you say, feel free to ask any questions.

We will share Late Mr. Hamilton Creek Funds 50-50; you will take 50% of
US$9.2M. Which is US$4.600, 000.00 Four Million Six Hundred Thousand
while the Balance of the same amount will be mine. I will be waiting
for your
response, Thanks and have a nice day.

Friendly Regards

Mr. Benson Smith

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I got more or less the same email from the same bank. Junk it. There was a W5 (a Canadian documentary show) episode on a month or so ago about scams going on from Nigeria and the Netherlands by Nigerians. Scary stuff, some people actually buy into it and never see a dime in return. Apparently the RCMP and American authorities are powerless against them, both because they are Nigerians and the places they choose to do business. This kind of scam only works if you are as greedy as the perpetrators.

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I saw a site made about that same thing you want to do,the guy would respond to the scammer,without giving info. as saying he had to get his wife on board.He told the guy different life stories about medical problems and all.funny stuff,if I find it Ill shoot it to you.

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the technique is called fishing and changes with different scams. Usually they will ask you for account info and various other info like mother's maiden name, ssn, date of birth, and account number so that they can drain your account. We get them at work and usually the e-mail looks legit from an actual bank like citibank or the likes. the scammers also will do phone scams like this as well.

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Foward those letters to the FBI or the US Marshals office. I've been bugging them about these scams. There are alot of people that are getting taken by these scammers. And the Fed's need to start doing something about it.:nono:

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I usually reply with a big ol curse word that tells them where they can put it, then I block their email address, domain name and internet address (IP) on the mail servers. After that, I forward the message header to their ISP for a complaint. Sometimes I will submit their IP address to international blackhole lists as well, depends on how many spammers have irked me off for the day. I do this anti-spam stuff for a living, you know...

I want to get a bumper sticker that says:

Kill Spammers for fun and profit! Ask me how!

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It's too bad you cant pass a big old virus off to the guy. I must get 4 viruses a day that norton catches. If only that guy could get a nice virus that was sent to him as an attachment. Maybe say that you have attached all the pertinent info and then "POW" there goes his machine.

Too bad doing such would be a crime. Some folks deserve it!

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the original 419 scammer page i found way back when p-p-p-p--p-p-p-pppowerbook was first done like a year agp

They are a bunch of people in a forum board like here excpet they fish for MUGU's (scammers) they get them to do all kinds of stuff take weird photos in dresses with signs that make fun of them etc. great site for looking/laughing at all the dumb caught scammers.
Im gonna go check outebolamonkeyman site now, it looks pretty cool. lol

Have a good one.

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I suggest...

no response to this clown...act like your dealing with a troll and don't play with him!


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1st class heel. :D sorry tm454.

Just replied to Centerline in pm I recieved, He seen it the way it was supposed to be seen, so my report most likely didnt get you in trouble.
Glad I didn't get you in trouble for something i took wrongly.

Have a good one

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Hey 1fast65,

I think you owe tm454 an apology. He did not call you a troll, you should read the posts a little better. He was referring to the scamer, just like every one else was doing.

I've played with a few of them a couple of times, they finally catch on after you pull there chain for a while.


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Troy, thanks for telling me to re-read the thread, now that I did that it does make more sence what tm454 said the biggest 1st class heel ever....ohh crap I made a good sized mistake.. that comment did get me in a bad mood.
Sorry tm454 I don't know why but everytime you post something like that after I posted it reallly made me feel like u were talking to me.... and yea i did report you :( wish i hadnt though..

Well I went from being kinda depressed to being a big huge leather heel.

Again sorry tm454 for the report..

I sent you a pm Tm454 I hope you read it, I truely am sorry for taking your post as a hit to me.

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Many websites have popped up to ridicule these 419 scammers. There is a great one here, where a guy pretends to fall for the scam many times. The fake name that he uses: David Lee Roth.

There is a classic pic (real?) making the rounds on the net, of one of the scammers waiting at the airport to pick up the American businessman "David Lee Roth". He told the scammer to take a pic of himself holding the sign, so he would know what he looked like when he landed in Nigeria. It would make a great avatar, but you probably can't see the lettering on the sign when it's shrunk down to size.


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*****Caution: This post contains phycologial nudity.*****

I was at a chatroom a couple of weeks ago and this "Abu Mybutt Istuffed Mahamud isdum" ********* guy was saying that terrorists had already penetrated the borders (well regular civilians do that from Mexico illegally (or use loopholes in the system) all the time, making it worse for the ones that come here legally) and they had plans and they'd kill our soliders and all that BS. I couldn't copy and paste it (stupid chatroom) so I told him to rot in hell, that subhuman scum of the earth ********* [email protected]$tard that needs a gun to compensate for his pe***.


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i replied

ok this is what i said:

"I'd love to help but how do i know that this is legit? Can you give me some kind of proof that you are who you are? Maybe a picture of yourself holding a sign with my name on it?
My name is Micheal Moore Morse.

Can't wait to do business with you.

Good Day, Mike"

not very creative, i know, but for some reason i just don't feel like a smartarse today.
normally i can come up with something just off the top of my head, but not today.

oh well, we'll see how it goes.

BTW, i had to use my last name because my e-mail address is "[email protected]". couldn't really do anything about that, lol.
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