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SCS Reverser case .75/1

This is a reverser case I had SCS make for me. It is 2 of there legendary spur gears inside a massive aluminum case which reverses the direction and gives a .75/1 ratio. A external pump is recommended to circulate fluid keeping it cool in high rpm applications.

Single input dual output.

This was intended for a mid engine (MR) AWD layout turning 5 ton bridge axles (5.81 ratio) and is meant to handle constant 5000-7000ft/lbs of torque.

This can be used in Boats, mid engine, and industrial applications, or other big boys toy things to reverse the direction while allowing the engine to run 25% slower.

More pictures upon request;
Local pickup.
Possible trades.

Asking Price: $2,700.00
Condition: Excellent

Location (City, State, Country): Caledonia, Michigan, USA
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