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Scuff primer Question?

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If I scuff my Primer Parts (any parts that are primed) How long can it sit before I actually start to Paint them? TIA, Dana!
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No pro here, but I think it would matter what type of primer first off. Some primers should not be left to sit. That said, for what reason to scuff and let sit? Why not just scuff when you are ready to paint?
We scuff just prior to painting and scuffing is to me just a step to check things throughly to see that there is no trash or defects in the prime coat before applying paint..

I don't scuff. I sand my primer for the finish I desire. Paint over a poorly scuffed primer and your finish will show the same. Sand it properly and you'll have less work afterwards.

As to your question, you can paint after you clean the mess from sanding. I prefer to depaper, wash, dry and repaper before painting.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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