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Im analyzing my bronco for my upcoming paint job. Im going to paint the top of the hood (obviously) then wrap around where the skin goes over the "inner hood structure" (See the pic) i picked away at some seam sealer type stuff and i have some rust underneith which i want to wire wheel out of there and then primer and add some seam sealer type stuff back in there. Its very flat, im wondering how it can be re-applied this way, im thinking maybe pinch the end of the seam seal tube with a clamp or something similar???

It seems Ford must seam seal it then hit it with primer because under all the seam sealer is rust, and none anywhere else, maybe ill just skip the seam sealer and just get the rust out and epoxy as planned? does the seam seal hold any other purpouse?? Thanks


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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