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Make your own pegboard hooks that don't come out when you pull the tool off. Ok, so this won't make you the envy of all your non-hotrodding friends, but it might end some frustration.

Somebody in some post mentioned pegboard hooks falling out on the floor and reminded me of when I used to use those welded-wire things you get from the hardware store. They never stay put and can't be adjusted to hold better. The attached images show my solution. (So far as I know, this earth shaking idea is unpatented, so make your millions selling them to your friends).

The critical dimensions just happen to match the width of the jaws of 10" vise-grips. (BTW, warn your vise-grips of the dangers of getting too close to welding so the jaws don't look like those in the photo). Just takes a few minutes to make a pile of custom hooks.

Two photos show the hook in place. Note that the loop that sticks into the hole is spread in one photo. That's part of why the hook stays in place; you put a load on it and it jams tighter in the hole so it doesn't just pop out when you lift the load. The other reason the hook stays in is because that loop is longer than the peg the hardware hooks have.

Sorry about not rotating the images.


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