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I am about a year off schedule for building this engine. I am planning to have it ready for spring now. I am building a GM 327cid for my '85 Trans Am. Here is the rundown of what I have so far..

The block (of course) 1967? -- am planning to bore it at least .030

A matching pair of 461X heads -- am planning to have them cut out for larger valves, hardened ex. seats and possibly port matching.

I have a full set of new 2.02 and 1.6 swirl polished valves

Z28 springs

Edelbrock performer rpm intake

Holley 750 carb - (needing rebuild)

Summit 1105 cam (i think) either that or 1106-- have to check

Shorty headers

Speed Pro hardened pushrods

Summit half and half 1.5 and 1.6 aluminum roller rockers. 1.6s going on the exhaust side.

high volume oil pump

MSD Blaster 2 coil

This engine does have the small journal Forged steel crank and was reconditioned and balanced not too long before I got it.

I am aiming to be in the vacinity of 400 hp & torque.

Part of the reason I am building this 327 is because everyone else seems to be builing 350s. That and I have never heard how a 327 sounds. I have been told it's a bit unique due to the short stroke cycle. Besides, a 327 in a Trans Am just seems right to me! lol

I do believe the cam is the 1105. I can't find the card for it. It was bought over a year ago. I got these specs off of the dyno2000 program. Not sure if it is accurate but I guess it's the closest I have right now.


.050 lift

int lift @ valve .475

ex. lift @ valve .488

IVO -2.0

IVC 46.0

EVO 51.0

EVC 3.0

I might need better springs..might be pushing these to far.

I dunno what I want as far as pistons or distributer.

Any suggestions on those? Or anything else here? Or even not here? lol

I feel like I am missing something. If I figure it out, I'll add it.

This is to be my first engine build and I am on a bit of a budget. Don't think I'm doing too bad so far though. :D

Anyone have a file for the dyno program to simulate 461Xs? Closest I have is 462.

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461x vs 462

I might be wrong here but I think the runners are the same on both heads. Just one head has smaller chambers. I do know that round trackers like the 461x.

What I do know...Since I build my own headers, is that you would be happier with long tube headers over the short tube. The shorty headers kill you bottom end torque not to mention that you have one 1 1/2 transition between primary pipe and collector. Good headers will usually be around 30-40 inches long before the collector and inside the collector you like to see around 4-6 inches of transition (primary tubes fade into the shape of the collector) What this all means is that you can build your combo you probably wouldn't know the difference until you installed a set of long tube headers. You will feel a torque increase just from that change. If you just plan to launch at 5000 and spin the crap outta it...Then the short tube headers will work for you but you still need a smooth transition between primary pipe and collector. I can ramble on forever but I thought you had listed such a nice combo that I couldn't help but to mention about the shorty headers. Do a google search about headers and header tube length and you will see what I am talking about. I hope this helps and good luck with your build!

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If you are going to go to 2.02 valves, make sure the machinist unshrouds the intakes. Otherwise, you might actually hurt performance over the 1.94s. The 2.02s are really close to the chamber wall.

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LOL I would have liked to have long tube headers, but remember I am on a budget. From what I have seen, there aren't a whole lot of those out there for this car and when you do find them they are a little salty. At least it's something that can be changed later on without too much trouble.

MI2600- thanks for the tip on the heads! Any little bit of info is appreciated. I want to do this right! (might get my wife off my back!) ROFL

I did notice a few things when I tore the block down.

The #8 piston looks a little burned and 4 of 8 of them had a busted top ring.

The front foremost head bolts also seem to have stripped holes.

Any thoughts?

I was told this was pulled from a wrecked '69 impala about 6 months after rebuild.

I got it cheap....block and heads for $250.

The guys was closing his shop and selling everything. It wouldn't all fit in his garage at home! LOL

OH YEAH.....what is this baffle looking thing in the block toward the upper back wall? I've never seen this before.

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hmmm said:

OH YEAH.....what is this baffle looking thing in the block toward the upper back wall? I've never seen this before.
That is part of the crank case breathing system. I think 68 was the last year for it?????

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