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The pictures you show of the fuel filter is the filter used in 1999 - 2004 Corvettes with a built in pressure regulator set at 58 PSI. Often times people use the Corvette filter when doing LS Swaps. The filter for a 2000 Blazer doesn't have a pressure regulator. Click on below:

Are you trying to adapt the Corvette filter?
He's using the filter for the flex fuel S10 2.2L.

With those filter/regulators (or the corvette one which is similar), I usually use an adapter that is the female disconnect on one side and AN flare on the other side. If you have an AN flaring tool, you can flare aluminum hard line to match the AN flare, or you can get a second AN flare to compression adapter to attach to the AN flare.

The adatpers are available at and from most online "speed shops" (Summit, Jegs, Speedway, etc). You need one 5/16 to -6AN and a 3/8 to either -6AN (for 3/8" tubing) or -8AN (for 1/2" tubing). If you want to run flex hose (rated for the appropriate pressure), hose barbs are (3/8 hose) and (5/16 hose).

If you want compression fittings on 3/8 hard line, use to go from -6AN to a 3/8 tube compression fitting.
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