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Ok i have bought some very high quality alcantara that is intended for furniture use, ti is about 2-3 mm thick and has a wear rating of 100.000 so i fugured that it would be perfect for interior in my roadster. the reason i wnet and bought it is that i could buit dirrectly from the factory at 1/4 the retailprice which is about 120 dollars/meter. anyway, what else do i need, i have borrowed a sewing mashine from my uncle who sews sails for old ships so i have no doubt about the mashinery, but none of us have any experience with auto upholstery

the seat is constructed from fibreglassed plywood and covered with seat buns made from a 1/2 inch layer of closed cell foal and with varied thickness open cell foal on top, the shape and geometry of the buns is copied from a recaro seat i adjusted to fit me and since i am going to be the only one driveing the car, that is the shape it will get. thiese buns will be mounted on the 1/4 inch plywood/fibreglass pieces that constitute the seat and mounted on a frame in the car.

now, what should i sew on the alcantara as backing? do i need to put somthing in between the backing and alcantara? what kind of seam should i use to keep the seams from splitting (there is no way of sewing any edgeribbon with that sewingmashine i borrowed)should i sew some ribbon on the back to strengthen the seam...

help is much needed..
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