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I am currently prepping my car for painting, been reading over this forum alot recently.

I have a plastic piece that is above my rear corner-panel and i want to mold it into the metal panel. What is the best way to mend the two pieces together before filling it?

Im also molding my side skirts to the car, currently using body filler thin layer by layer and sanding smooth in between steps. I assume this is the best way to do it?

one more quick question, i have a front raw plastic lip for my car and im trying to mold it to the front abs stock plastic front bumper. My thought is to try plastic epoxy to fill the gap, then a layer of fiberglass, then body filler to complete it. Any suggestions?

the car is a honda del sol, sorry not a hotrod, but there are far more intelligent people here than in those import boards
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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