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shoebox frame swap

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looking to swap frame on 1950 ford 2dr sedan .someone has already replaced floors[half*****] welding and cutting is not going to be a big deal to me.the car has no motor or tranny, so i hoping to maybe do a s10 frame swap,where i could also pick up the tranny, running gears, sbc swap is readily available for the s10 frame please help if u can
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The early Mercs of your year fit quite well on the mid 70s full size Olds and Buicks, probably the Chevys also. 76 Vintage if I remember right.
thanks dinger

thanks for the info dinger, the reason for the s10 question is becuase i have one readily available and tracking is real close and length is only off about an inch which maybe can be cheated when make body mount brackets . and so many guys are using the s10s i thought maybe someone has done a ford or merc that could give some input on,
I still don't "get" the frame swap Idea on a car like that. Why? What is the advantage? That S-10 has the same rear end design as the original, so nothing gained. The front is a little better, so change just the front. The modifications to change a whole frame is going to blow away the few that it would take to update the front suspension. I just see it as a serious waste of time swapping a frame.

I have to agree with Brian..I wouldn't waste my time putting a whole s-10 frame under it.I would just build a whole new frame,Or put a clip in it.A clip is usually the easies way to go.. :thumbup:
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