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shortening the steering column

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The Classic Performance website has instructions
for a GM steering column installation. They suggest cutting the steering column shaft down to 31 1/4 inches. Can anyone tell me Why? Also, how tough is it to get the steering column
shaft out of the steering column?
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Smoran - the shortened shaft allows room for mounting the power steering box. The CPP site also has a tech page, with step-by-step instructions for this installation, which allows you to use the more or less stock (now shortened) column with the power steering assist. Check this out:
Good luck.
Thanks a bunch! I went to the tech article and if I shorten my column, I'll need the reference. If I don't put power steering in my PU, do I need to shorten the collumn? I assume not if the present column linkage clears the manifold.
You've got it! Good luck with the install, smoran. Don't hesitate to use this forum again in case of difficulties.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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