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Should I buy it?

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I am looking at a 92 RS Camaro that according to the owner, he replaced the 305 TBI motor with a crate 350. put headers on it, a stage 2 jet AT chip in the ECU and a 3" Catco Cat on it.

My questions are if he used a 350 crate motor, (and he did use a TBI unit motor,) if he used the TBI off the 305 will it flow enough? What type of heads come on a crate motor (I think what he used was a 350 TBI crate truck motor) but he kept the 305 ECU and put a jet stage 2 chip in it.

I am confused, I am not sure he knew what he was doing. and I wonder how much HP this engine would/could make. The car is reasonably priced and looks quite good. I am going to call him today and try to get some details......

Any suggestions?
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For the most part, the TBI units are the same. The chip would be different with a different fuel map and possibly a different advance curve but you have taken care of that.

Get the details on who made the crate motor (part number even) and someone can tell you what heads are on it. Unless its built with some radical components the TBI should work okay.
I just talked to the guy and he said it is a GM crate motor (they live in dearborn MI) 350 CID They used the original TBI unit off the 305 motor, and then, as I stated, put in a jet stage 2 AT chip. I assume the AT stands for "autotragic....err I mean automatic" tranny (I would MUCH rather have a 5-speed) So with that said, what kind of HP should I expect from this setup? They have put new SLP wheels, (no HP but looks nice) headers, and the chip in it. also an aluminum high flow edelbrock water pump, It's been painted, unfortunately NOT the original color, it was it's speeding ticket RED! but! he did say they did the door jams, hood and trunk, Here is what the excerpt from the add says:

-Catco Catalytic Coverter 3"

-Edelbrock Tubular Headers and Total Exhaust System @ 3"

-Jet-performance Chip TBI A/T Stage II

-New IROC wheels and 16" tires from Street Legal Performance.

Car has about 103K on the clock with less than 300 miles on the new crate motor......

The bid is at about 3200.00 bucks and will end soon so I must make a decision SOON. ALL HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! I also need info soon, vote on it guys! would YOU buy it? for around 4K??????

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Makes me wonder why he is trying to "unload" it, when he only put the motor in 3000 miles ago?
300 miles ago not 3K and he says it is to rasie money for a "new " project car as this one is "finnished"??????

Please everyone, more more more input! I have 1 hour and 30 min to make my decision. I have checked and I can fly out for 130 bucks. and drive it back.

As a side note, when I asked him would it be OK to drive it back to Georgia from Michigan, he said "well I could not make you any guarantees" but it would be ok..... then when I pressured more and said would YOU drive it to GA he got real non committal......makes me wonder......ALLOT!
Well . . . personally I would never spend 4k on something I wasn't sure about. If you are not confident on your own about this, I wouldn't be spending the money. I personally would have a hard time buying a car off ebay as it is.

My vote is to play it safe. Wait for something you can check out in person.
I think nyou've got a guy who's not very good with money and wants to get out from under a car and doesn't care about taking a hit. Run the numbers on the motor, then buy the thing.

well, what does a crate 350 TBI, headers, and a jet chip go for? If I were to get into it and not like it, seems like at 4K I should be able to get out of it pretty easy, even if I had to part it out!
Thanks for everyones help!

I am PROBABLY going to let this one go by,
but I am looking for my DREAM car, a 92 RS V-8 5 Speed, Hunter green, with buckskin color leather interior, one with a new HIGH output engine would be even better..... anyone have such an animal? let me know. Would love to talk about taking it off your hands.....

Thanks Guys,

Still have a few more minutes, if any last second info is available. shoot it to me.
I'd say pass it up. If you're looking for production numbers or possible help finding that exact car, try asking the folks over at All they deal in are 3rd gen F-Bodies.
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