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Hi, My name is Jeff. I own a custom auto body shop in Michigan and customize and restore quite alot of street rods and muscle cars as well as I am the owner of 1969 camaro that I have compleatly frame off restored in complete detail top and bottom. Alot of the cars I build we do indoor shows as well as many outdoor ones. Alot of the cars, as well as mine, do not see alot of road time and are usually kept in near perfect detail. I just wanted to let you guys know of a recent product we started using on our camaro and am now suggesting the owners for all the cars we paint to use to maintain the paint finish as well as detail almost anything. It was introduced to me by one of my customers and when I tried it, it was almost amazing. To put it in words, this product is like a nicely scented, clear, lubricated so as not to scratch the paint finish and acts almost like a spray on/wipe off glass cleaner that can be used on glass, chrome, paint finish, rims, almost everything on the exterior or engine compartment even on semigloss black or to detail the complete underside. The cars we do now really never even see water. They are cleaned in this method and it works awesome, fast and easy and looks perfect when done. We've used similar products for years but nothing has worked this nice and easy. The product is called Quick Shine and the only place at this time I know of until this product really hits the shelves is through a company here in Michigan called <a href="" target="_blank"></a> under the automotive section which is where I get it from now. I also want to add one last tip and that is, never wax a freshly painted car for at least 90 days some times sooner but just to be safe. But with this product you can use the day after you painted without any problem and even around or in the paint booth. That's why it works great for us with newly painted cars. CHECK IT OUT!! Hope I could be of help and when you see how great it works you will love it
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