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In late 1953, the new OHV V8 engine for Fords was introduced for the 1954 selling season. Every Ford dealer in the US and Canada was shipped a Promotion Package to promote the new engine. These were a required purchase and many dealers in smaller towns never used them.
It was recommended that the package be installed on a sporty model for showroom display.
The contents of the package:
1. A new hood in primer with a see-through window mounted in it in a rubber moulding. The hood was to be painted body color, have the emblems from the existing hood installed on it and then installed on a display car.
2. A light kit which consisted of light bars to be installed under the hood at the side edges of the hood window to illuminate the NEW Ford OHV V8.
3. An engine dress-up kit consisting of chrome-plated air cleaner, valve covers, engine front cover and fan assembly, oil filler cap.
The cost billed to each was $250 plus freight, a huge cost at the time not appreciated by Dealers at all.
Most dealers did not follow the factory recommmendations/requirements regarding this promotion package. The engine dressup kit was usually sold to a customer or used by the owner or an employee. The light kit was sold or discarded. The hoods often ended up in the attic or overhead of the parts department and was discarded after weeks, months or years.
How many now exist? In the 70s these were much sought after for use on the 53-54 Bubble top coupes. I sold one for $450 in 1975 and heard of prices higher.
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