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Yeah I`m a cave man. Part of a dying breed. Even so my truck has TBI on it I`m still a full carb guy. One of these years it`ll become a lost art. I can just see that now "How to tune the ultra mysterious carb!" will make full news.
That`s why I love Quadrajets so much, throttle response so sensitive you swear it`s fuel injected but unlike fuel injection when you put your foot to the floor it gives it all the flow it needs without choking it.
I do plan in the future to remove the TBI on my 4.3 V6 in my truck. I have a set of Vortec heads I plan to bolt on, no need to keep a choked up TBI when you can have a 4 barrel. It`ll prolly pick up 40 horses compared to the TBI and swirl port head junk it`s got on there now.
Even better I can see this also "Raiders of the lost carb art" That`ll have 4 Jaw Chucky acting as the hero "Holley Autolite"
On the cover will have chucky coming out of a old Junk yard with a autolite carb in his hands lol.
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