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i have a couple scratches to fill, and did a search on glaze, and found most people on here are against the single part glaze, and are pro catalyzed glaze.

my question is how much different would it be, i have a tube of the single part glaze allready, but don't wanna cheap out at this stage and use something if it's going to give me poor results. I have some deeper scratches that i would like to fill, and just wondering what the options would be.

Will regular filler work applied as you would glaze at a sharp angle to the panel, or will it not bond well enough to the surrounding filler when it's a small application (just in the scratch not skimed over the whole area)?

how much does the glaze shrink? does it fall out when it shrinks, or just leave crack marks or something?

the one scratch is on a bodyline i've spent about a week straightening and now sanding to be curved perfect, so sanding the whole area down and re-filling is not my most favorable option.

thanks again for the help guys
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