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I know very little about them so I'm hoping you can tell if it's what you're after through the photos. I don't know car parts very well, so I'm just selling these as-is w/ no returns.

The package they came in says 18SPX CNC. If this is something you're after, please let me know. They are like brand new as far as I can tell, just don't have anything else to include with it - like valves or anything like that. You get the two cylinder heads and that's pretty much it.

Please feel free to inform me of what I have if you know anything about them! I looked at Brodix's catalog and think I found the info for them, but again I'm not sure. I'll include SS of what I think they are listed as on the Brodix website.

Here's a link to info that I THINK pertains to them. 18 X™ Series/18° - Brodix

(Something I'd like to add: I noticed there was some pink markings and I don't know why they're there. Maybe the previous owner had plans to modify them? I don't know but they still look new regardless.)

I'm located in Houston, TEXAS but will ship if buyer covers shipping costs. I can do cash or Paypal.


1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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