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Looks like maybe someone bought a pair, or 2 single, "Blems"(blemished castings) as the box label and contents don't fully match. Maybe gotten "employee direct" out the back door at Brodix, or bought from a speed warehouse like Competition Products or CNC Motorsports

Heads have not been through the cnc porting phase,as ports and chamber walls are still as-cast, there are no valve seats pressed in place, no valve guides either.
they also appear to be a mismatched set, one heads says 221cc, the other says 217cc in the paart number stamped on the head....that is the intake port volume
Typically heads without seats and guides are sold as "porters castings" to someone who intends to hand port them and then finish them out being mismatched isn't a big issue to a port wizard...but to anyone else it's a problem.

Bare matched pair WITH seats and guides installed and valve-jobbed and guide-sized ready to assemble are $1400.....
I think you are asking too much for a mismatched, half raw set.

$500-600 would be all I'd pay, since I'd have to buy seats and guides, have them installed and finish cut, and then I'd have to port them to match each purchase the final assembly parts: valves, springs, seals, shims, retainers, could easily have $1000+ in that work and parts and at a $1000 price point for the castings that puts you into them at $2000+ for a head you can buy finished and ready to go for....
$1975.....and you don't have to do all the work involved.

Direct from Brodix pricing is not the way to go, since you can buy cheaper from their dealers. Brodix doesn't want to sell direct, they would prefer you buy from one of their authorized dealers for best pricing.

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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