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DoubleVision said:
You referring to header gaskets or collector gaskets?
If header gaskets, then there`s a few tricks to the trade. Any paper header gasket you buy has to be soaked in water, why they don`t include this on the package is beyond me. When soaked they swell and hold moisture, providing a better seal. I only use the factory exhaust manifold gaskets from fel pro, can get`em at any auto parts store, and cheap too. There tough and resist burn out for quite a while if the bolt happens to come loose. In all the cases I`ve delt with using regular header bolts, all you have to do is let the bolts season in. Run the car, let it cool, check the bolts, do this for a week, and they don`t come loose anymore.
I was going to say the same thing except for the paper gasket soaking thing (I've never tried it).

I've had the best service with the stock-type Fel-Pro manifold gaskets.

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