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What do you say to the Charity Car TV Show..

  • I'm all for it, count me in to do anything I can!

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  • Its a nice idea, but I don't think it will work.

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  • Not another car tv show.. PLEASE shoot me before it airs!

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First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to all of you!

I have an idea, and I'd like you all to drop your opinions in on this... and yes, I am ready to put my money/equity where my mouth is...

I am considering the possibility of making my (our?) own car construction based tv show.

Have people *DONATE* their cars, their time, their parts, and their love to build nice cars, and then auction them off for a worthy charity such as St. Judes.. Make a Wish, Give Kids the World.... I'm sure there are many other very very worth causes...

I have my baby, a 65 Mustang Fastback, in primer with a lot of work already done to it.... late carb'd 302, 4 speed toploader, 79 Lincoln Versailles rear, Disc's on all 4 wheels, a fiberglass Shelby Style front valance..
I have a shade tree body man that I paid to finish the body work... he's supposedly going to finish it off this winter ..

All in all, I've parked probably 15+g in her.. I'll dig out receipts sometime and add it all up... She still needs some work...

I'd be willing to put her up for sacrifice in the name of a good charity... money is just paper.. can always make more.. a Life is much more important....

Alternatives could also be arranged where vehicles were auctioned off for leases... after lease is expired, vehicle is refurbished as necessary, and auction again..... would promote a continued contribution to the Charity, and would enable many more rich yahoo's the taste of a hotrod.. eventually after several auctions, the vehicle could be returned to the original owner for their continued enjoyment..

I already hold the domain names and

Don't have a site up.. could be tailored to this charity idea fairly easily.... cafe racers.. and in a sense, being everyday hero's raising money for the charity....

This is the first prominent post I have made of this idea.. I haven't tried to recruit any company sponsors yet,.. however I believe they would be more willing to help an effort such as this, verse American hotrod/chopper/overhaulin and the like... this will show them in a more pure light, helping a charity,... and will therefore boost their ethical value as a company, promoting them...

So have at it.. your thoughts, ideas, constructive criticism, and flames on the subject..

I am all ears =)

-Michael Scott Barker,
at your mercy =)

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While it's a nice thought. I get the feeling you joined this board in hopes of it backing your business venture.

To be honest your going to be on your own with that. You really won't get any support from this board in terms of putting it's name behind you or members giving up their cars, limited free time, part$, or money. To you, a newbie no less, so you can make a TV show.

For you to just out of the blue want to give up a car you've put a lot of time and money into is beyond me. Especially at 23, you should more concerned about how secure you are financially than a yet to be named charity. Good luck with that, you're a more generous person than I ever will be.

Sorry to be so strait forward.

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i'm sure there would be many people willing to help out, myself included, but i can't think of a way HOW i could help out.
and as far as funds go, this is going to be a major problem.
most of the people willing to "help out" are probably just as broke as i am and probably a bit unsure about just where their few dollars are going.

if i were you, i would start in VA with flyer's and what not, (try to) get yourself started there then try to get folks from other states to join in once you develop a "name" for yourself.

good luck with it

EDIT: i somehow missed the "tv show" part.

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Well I think your heart is in the right place. I'm not sure exactly how you would make it work but I do know that if you could get it into motion that many parts suppliers would probably donate if they got acknowledged for it on the show,
Personally I am already about as charitable as I can afford to be so I would just be taking money from one cause and giving it to a different one.
One thing I would suggest is to research the benifactors finaces. Many seemingly charitable organizations consume most of the proceeds in administrative costs. I think only something like 10% actually has to eventually make it to the cause for them to have a non-profit status.
I have a couple friends that are involved with a big non-profit that has it's headquarters a few miles out of town, It is called Mercy Ships. They do everything strickly on donations. I think they have maybe a dozen people on the payroll out of the hundreds that are on duty. They have several big ships with full surgical facilitys and go all over the world offering free services. They fix a lot of birth defects like cleft pallets. They have a well drilling rig and drill community wells for villages that don't have decent water, construction crews, full machine shop ect. Well sorry to get off track but an organization like that would be a worthy one since almost all of the proceeeds go toward the cause All the doctors volunteer, all the fuel and operating costs of the ships is donated ect.

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Ghetto Jet,

I'm not asking for the board to back me, nor am I asking for any one specifically to give up anything.

I am throwing out an idea.. and pledging my own dedication to following through if people appear to like it.

If I receive help, that is great, if I don't, so be it. Working alone has never stopped me before.

I may be a newbie to the board.. far from an expert in cars.. But I have learned a thing or two in life already.

As far as being 23 and willing to give up something I love, that I've put much time and effort into,.. Let me give you a little background, and please, take the moment to read this in its entirety..

I purchased my Mustang while I was on active duty in the United States Navy, in April of 2001. I purchased her sight un-seen while stationed in South Carolina, from an online car classified ad. That same month I was transferred to a location in upstate New York and took delivery of her at a random exit in Buffalo. I got the baby I dreamed about since I was a kid.

Many things have happened in my life since then.

Shortly after, I went to Sub base New London, Connecticut. I was acting as a ceremonial guard on the Manta.. an unmanned underwater vehicle, at the NDIA Security Conference.... and about 50 miles as the crow flies from the Twin Towers when they fell...

Since then, many people I know...
my friends, my family have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan.. some of whom won't be coming home alive. I ended up working with junior Marines, helping to get them sent over to fight, to kill, and to quite possibly die.

Compared to many people I know, I have had a pretty easy life. Don't get me wrong, there have been problems.. I watched my father drink himself to death, my mother have multiple heart attacks, my uncle suffer through, and finally recover from lung cancer, and my maternal grandmother die from lung cancer, just to name a few.

I am no longer in the military, however I have a decent job. It pays the bills, and a little bit more.

My sister-in-law's best friend has two little boys, who will die by their twenties. I have no idea their disease, but Give Kids the World just gave the 5 year old his wish.. they took him to Central Florida to the theme parks to meet spider man... in two years, the 3 year old will get his wish.

My Mustang was a want, not a need. There are thousands of children, who will never even be able to drive, because they will die from cancer, or another disease.

I will have other projects in the future.. I am looking at a 37 Ford Sedan right now... and after I have completed them, they will probably be sold off and the proceeds from them given to charity too

Honestly.. Cars are a wonderful thing of beauty.. It is wonderful to see the fruits of hard labor, develop into a functional work of art. But when you can turn that work of art, into a chance for a child to live... or at the very least, give them their final wish.... its more of a miracle..

I am not looking to be famous.. I am not looking for a tax break... I am not looking for a free ride, or an easy job.

I am trying to find a better way to help, in a world where many people fail to give a d*mn.

My two cents, take it, or leave it,

If this spoils anyones holidays, I apologize, that is most definitely *NOT* the intent.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy Holiday season in general,

Michael Scott Barker

P.S., if you are curious as to what my signature line means, 'Sweet and fitting it is, to die for ones faith'

AKM, Willowbilly,

You both mentioned funds.. however, that was not my intention..

There are plenty of people with deep pockets.. my theory is that they will buy the cars when they are done... or lease them..

The theory is more that big sponsors would be willing to sign providing necessary parts, to receive compensation via adspace and mention.. as OPG and Magnaflow (and others) do on Overhaulin, all the free parts from random suppliers on Monster Garage, and all the other shows..

Those shows are, depending on opinion, great, mediocre, or just plane idiotic.. however, they ARE all frivolous.
Not everyone is rich, however, I haven't seen a single person on Overhaulin who _NEEDS_ 50g in customizing in a car. Have you?

Extreme Makeover: A Home Edition by ABC does a pretty good job of finding someone who is both needy AND deserving. I don't know how quality the homes they build can be, supposedly completed in 7 days.. but at least they are making the point that they are trying to help people who are both deserving and in need.

If you haven't seen it, Sears is one of the main sponsors... near the end of each show,.. a message comes up.. says something to the effect of "Thank you for allowing us to be a part of making a dream come true - Sears - 209 Craftsman Tools, 10 Kenmore Appliances, 1 Family, 1 Dream come true" - again.. that is NOT a direct quote.. just an approximation.

As for checking out the charities.. I haven't delved that far into the operation yet, but, the better business bureau's website, has a list of, just to roughly guess, well over a thousand charities, including statistics on their income, expenses, whether they meet guidelines for a responsible charity (an overseeing board of directors, devoting at a minimum 65% of income toward programs), and if they don't meet the guidelines, it lists their deficiencies.

Again, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to all.. its a little past 6 am on Christmas day and I have yet to sleep.. Goodnight =)

-Michael Scott Barker,

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Hey Micheal, a very admirable project to take on, I wish you the best. We have a couple of car clubs in our area that do just what you're willing to attempt, it may be a good idea to hook up with one of them in your area. I've done charity work before, connections are more valuable than deep pockets, at times. If you've got the idea, maybe the vehicle, hook up with a club in your area that's willing to work with you, go for it. Within this site and membership, distance, time, money and trust are going to hold progress down. Get something going, then ask for parts, money, labor from this site and I'd bet you'll get some response. Best of luck. Dan

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If you want to help someone out. Go for it. Don't tell anyone. Just give what you can to those less fortunate than yourself. Being private about giving, is my belief. God will reward you for your good deeds instead of letting everyone else know what your doing. Otherwise your reward is on earth and not in heaven. Maybe you dont have the same views as me so I'll accept that. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Keep it personal as others would also want it. It's appreciated more. It doesn't matter who you give to, all that matters is what comes from the heart. Be sincere and try not to tell anyone so that your true intentions will be known.
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