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so i lied a little....

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Out here in sunny california, land of the tree huggers, smog, fruits and nuts, etc., you can't buy acrylic enamel or just plain old enamel.but....if you're painting a tractor, you can buy this stuff. so today i told a little lie about my tbucket, from a blind man on a galloping horse at 25 yards, it does look like a tractor, and i have my paint to finish my job. any of you cal. boys out there might want to remember this.
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Here in massachusetts you can buy enamel so far(until our politicals hear about california)but you cant buy laquer...I guess if it won't kill you it has to be made illegal...remember on vote day vote for a new guy,time to get rid of the old guard
Dinger, I doubt you'll know this, but i'm going to ask anyway.

Whats the differennce between a tractor and a car, why can you paint a tracter but not a car? Someone needs a slapped with a nice sterdy leather glove a few times ( unguard..ale`)(smaaaack)

That makes absolutely no sence to me. If these melonballs think its so bad for the environment why would they regulate it to be put on tractors? With the amount of farms, orchards and etc in california, there are probably more tracters than their are cars here. If its so bad why put it on tracters that are used to grow/harvest food we eat?

We have some odd laws here, but at least I can understand them do to the time they were passed, but that one makes no sence. I'm listing a few laws below that might give you a chuckle.

#1: At 12-2pm on sunday you can take your wife and legally beat her on the courthouse steps.

#2: Its illigal to have a horse in your bathtub.

#3: Its illigal to drive a car without windsheild wipers, but perfectly legal not to have a windsheild.

#4: Illigal to not have a horn, but not illigal to not have a stearing wheel.

#5: Illigal to drive without a hood, but not illigal to not have fenders, bumpers, wheelwells, or doors.

#6: Illigal to not have a side mounted mirror, the mirror can be broken, hanging by a cloths-hanger, doesn't even have to be visable to the driver, just there.

#7: Illigal to drive with an unleashed bear in the front seat while holding and ice cream cone.

Now #7 I don't get, who in their right mind would drive a car with a bear in the passagers seat, let alone be calm enough to eat ice cream. If there is someone, I want to meet them, I think I wouldn't be shaking hands...bears like ice cream.

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hk, in ca., agriculture rules. and probably rightfully so, the valley i live in was a desert 8 months of the year before irrigation. (san joaquin) the biggest reason i can see for the law is you can't paint tractors with 2 stage, water based paints, they won't hold up to the rigors of farming. what really gets me and i don't really understand too well, some of these 2 stage paints call for backpack air source, space suits, you don't dare breathe the fumes or get them on your skin. sounds pretty deadly to me, but i guess lacquer and enamel vapors are worse? in an normal year there's more laws passed in this state than any other 5 states combined, it gets real old. new law being considered is a 3c tax on soda pop, kids in this state are too fat. 65c more on cigs. the jerks in office are stretching out to grab any money they can wherever they can. i hate politicians, i never vote for the incumbent in hopes the new guy will be different, a set of huevos would help. hell, legalize marijuana, tax it, pay me to inspect it, no more new taxes and a new crop for ca. farmers. arggg, there goes the soapbox again.
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all of our beloved polititians are out of control,a vote for an incumbant is a vote for a thief.the founding fathers gave us the second amendment not so we could hunt or target shoot they gave it to us to protect us against the government,congress to be exact,look at how many of our beloved polititians want to get rid of the 2nd amendment,these guys in particular are up to no good for america,look at how many of them won't do anything about terrorists and illegals comming across the boarders,they want to give them checks and benifits,look at how many of them want rights for those who are waging war against america,look at those bald faced liars on TV every night telling us how great they are and the media who give them credibility....america is in trouble people, time to get rid of the old for the new guy...get rid of the ACLU these guys are a bunch of communists
I'm with you Tom. Why don't you guys in Ma. start with Teddy?
I live in western mass (soon to be a separate state)and those commies in boston keep voting that fat alcaholic blowhard back in.The sadest thing about it is his brother JFK fought communism tooth and nail and this idiot embraces it...seems to me the whole democratic party is working america towards communist rule...and I agree he has to go along with Tom Daschel, Little Dick Gephart,Charles Schummer Hillary Clinton and John McCain (disguised democrat)these I concider anti america polititians
More California paint laws; You can only buy epoxy primer in quart cans. You can buy 100s of quarts but not in gallon cans. Also it is legal to use the epoxy primer on bare sheet metal but illegal to use it as a pre-color coat sealer. You can't buy lacquer primer in the auto paint store but you can go one counter over in the same paint store to the building contractor's section and buy as many gallons of lacquer primer as you want! Just have to promise to use it on furniture and not cars.
As long as we are talking about new California laws have you heard about our impending SUV law? Get ready 'cause as soon as Cal passes it, George Bush will think it is the best idea he ever heard of. It has passed our Steat House and is held up due to procedural details in the Senate. As soon as they get their act together, Gray-out Davis is frothing at the mouth to sign it. Goes something like this;

1. $3000 penalty for buying an SUV or pickup (basically anything with a V6, V8 and/or 4 or more doors)
2. $0.50/gal fuel penalty (will need state ID cards so they can track us on this one!)
3. $0.20/ mile travel penalty.

You probably think I am kidding. I am not.

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willys ain't b.sing about the suv law. the lawmakers in this state are so hard up to raise money they're looking anywhere they can for taxes. the san jaoquin valley where the both of us live probably has more pickups than cars, suvs are everywhere, this would be like going after the american automakers, it would kill the sales of these vehicles. can you say "tea party?" argggg, it's time to vote in some new lawmakers, these people are goofy.
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