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Solid motor mount Question

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I have a set of solid motor mounts that I am going to install,the block mount is by Moroso and the frame pads are from some no name company.The question is when I mate the two together there is a gap inbetween the ears on both this normal to allow you some room to line things up while setting the motor in and close when you tighten the center bolt?or are they suposed to be tight?
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How wide is the gap? I have seen some of the mismatched sets have a small gap and have used a washer as a spacer between the two to keep from bending the uppers when the bolts are tightened.
There are two different Moroso mount widths to go with two different frame mount stands. If the gap is bigger than about 3/16"-1/4" you have the wrong Moroso mounts. Big Block and most Hi-Po small block(302, LT1 350, 350 SS, etc) cars had one size, low performance small blocks(283, 307, 350 2bbl, 327 of 300 hp or less) got a different size.
The gap is 4mm on each side,so a total of 8mm.I was just curious as to if I did get the wrong ones or if mix-matching brands on this was a bad idea!! Im sure i could just slide a washer in on each side as to not bend the ears in.Just was curious if anyone else has had this problem.
You have the wrong Moroso mounts to go with the repro frame stands. Trying to fill that gap with 4-5 washers per side per mount will be a major PITA.
The Moroso engine mounts measure 2.5" between the ears....not sure which ones I have....I got them from a Buddy of mine,I didnt think it mattered which one I got as long as they were for a sbc......that shows me to think.Would you know the P/N to the correct Moroso mounts that I would need to correct this? If not thats kool but it would be allot kooler if ya did :thumbup:
your probably right about the washers being a pita
by the way thanks for your posts.....I appreciate it
Make a spacer and weld it in and run them.
Go to and search motor mounts and look at the chart. It will help if you know thw original car application for the frame stand and the GM # for the engine mount. Might have to go to Classic Industries and look up mounts there to get a GM # for cross reference.
Mike H said:
Make a spacer and weld it in and run them.
Spacer idea might not work as the are also different heights from the block to the cross hole, making the span from one side of rhe motor to the other too wide or too narrow to even get the bolt holes to line up with the frame stands.
I have found that I must use the Moroso 62510's with the frame pads...... they measure 2 3/8" between the ears, as to where the ones I have(62500) measure the 2.5"...... I guess I should have done my homework before assuming that they would fit together.......OH well....... :cool:
Thanks :thumbup:
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