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Soap residue. Shoulda, used a good pre-cleaner. Here are some ingredients of soap.

Propylene Glycol- Humectant that promotes the retention of moisture

Water Vehicle

Sorbitol - Humectant that promotes the retention of moisture

Sodium Stearate- End result is soap

Sodium Laureth Sulfate- Cleaning and foaming agent

Glycerin - Humectant that promotes the retention of moisture

Sodium Myristate - End result is soap

Trienthanolamine - Neutralizes fats and oils and promote the formation of soap

TEA-Stearate - End result is soap

TEA-Myristate - End result is soap

Tetrasodium Etidronate - Chelating agent, helps prevent soap scum

Pentasodium Pentetate - Chelating agent that competes with metal ions in water

Titanium Dioxide- Provides color to opaque soap

Are you sure you want to paint over this. Also quite a few soaps have animal fat in them. Thats why your skin doesn't dry out.
Animal fat=grease. Paint don't stick to grease. Depending on the soap you used depends on what was left on the car. The only thing you can do now is either let it dry, sand, clean, seal, then re-shoot, or strip, sand, seal, then re-shoot. Expensive lesson learned.
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