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Solvent wipes?

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You know, I don't think I have seen this subject broached here (Yet).

Whats everyones favorite product for wiping down a car. What brand/model? I have a painter friend who bought 10 cases on a "deal" of a blue towel some time ago. Turns out , he had numberous fisheye problems that were directly attributed to the towels he bought. Changed the towels, and the fisheye problem was gone.
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I prefer Wypalls (spelling?). I've learned that the biggest concern about towels is the lint. Alot of towels will put more crud on the car than they take off. A good test is to take a black panel and shake or pop a towel over it. The amount of lint that will be on the panel can be quite surprising. As for contamination on the towels, I've never experienced that problem, and I hope I never will! :pain:
Paper towels without print work just fine for me, SPI waterbased wax and grease remover as the final step and I haven't had fisheye problems for a very long time. A 50/50 mix of water and isolpropyl alcohol also works good but won't remove as many contaminants as the waterbased W&G remover. Some paper towels do have contaminants and I do think it's more common with the colored towels. I've also used Duponts Sontara wipes but find them to be no better than SPI's cleaners and if you do the math they cost many XXXXX's more making them just not economical and see no advantages. The towels need to absorbant and clean. My final step is to blow the car down with compressed air and then tack rag-no lint problems.
I'm with Bob. SPI waterbase and the plain old white paper "Rags in a Box".
The blue "Shop Towels" definitely leave "something" behind besides the blue fuzzies. :nono:
Any rag will leave some lint regardless of brand and a quality tack cloth is the final step to a clean surface.Open the tack up and let it air out for 20-30 min before using it.
Just for the record...

I do use a tack rag as well, but I believe that the lint from the towels ends up flying around in the booth and on the paper, and ultimately some ends up back on the car. I just like to keep the loose particle quantity down all the way through the process.

Genuine Wypalls are definitely the best. I've used them for years for cleaning, polishing, paint prep, engine assembly and everything else. Better than taking a chance on cloth rags that might be contaminated with foreign substances, even after washing. There's good descriptions of the various kinds at
The blue towels are notorious for having oils in them, I would never use them to prep a car. I like the WypeAll L40 white towels. The are made by Kimberly Clark and are available at my paint jobber.

Color is on the right track with those wypalls, I believe they are wypall brand and "workhorse" is the type of towel. This is the preferred non-shedding and lint free rag used in cleanrooms such as Intel, LSI, Micron etc. I use it also and I feel it can't be beat.
Looks like you got some good recommendations for the right wipes, so I thought I would throw this in on how to use them. Anyway for what its worth


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