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I'm new to the board so I'd like to start by saying hi!!!

Here's some background to what I have:
1986 Monte carlo ss
350 motor bored .030 over, not decked
Hyperutectic flat top pistons with valve reliefs
882 casting 76cc heads, fel-pro standard head gasket.
Comp cams 268h cam (Duration @ .050" Lift:218,valve lift 456)
Edelbrock performer intake manifold
Barry grant speed demon 650 cfm double pumper.
If you need more info LMK.

So here's my problem:
I picked up the carb used and just put it on the other day, don't know much history on it.
It idles great.
When the secondaries are open and hard accelerating it works fine.
When I accelerate slowly from a stop light it seems to have a hesitation or bogging/chugging until I hit the throttle a bit harder. Any ideas?
I've read that sometimes the demon carbs need a good cleaning from the factory could this be the problem or can somebody give me another idea?

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before you installed it,did you follow the setup steps provided in the instruction sheet? Do you have the idle eaze model? when you purchase a used carb, a good idea is to remove the bowls, check the jetting sizes and install new gaskets and torque the bowl screws. then you know what you have and can set it back to base if its been rejetted. then you can set it up properly for instalation and make some tunning adjustments. otherwise you are just stumbling around and guessing what might be wrong.
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