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this is Daniel from Germany again. I had to replace the TH350 in my 1979 Trans Am to a TH350c. It was hard to find a good tranny here. Now my speedo is to slow. When I drive about 60 Miles an hour it shows me only about 51-54 or so.

Here (click please) is a side where I can calculate what gear drive I need, but I have problems with it. At first: the only Information I have about the tranny is that it is a TH350c with a "MV4" plated on it.

My differebtial ratio is 3.08 And my tires are the "normal" 225/70/15 on 15x7 rims. They have a dia of 26.8 I think.

Can somebody calculate what gear drive and driven gear I need and post it here please?

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