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I have an electric speedometer that I'm not sure how to wire to my T56 trans,
It's an Aurora/AutoLoc speedometer. I know it's low quality China stuff, but that's what I have for now. The Auto Loc mounting instructions only show how to wire against a 3 wire hall effect sensor, but as far as I have understood, the T56 transmission don't have a hall effect sensor, just a 2 wire VSS sensor...?
Here's what their instructions says:

So how du I wire the two VSS wires to the Speedometer?
My suggestion:
-red wire from the speedo to +12V
-black wire from speedo spliced in 2 with 1 wire to ground and 1 to VSS.
-White wire from speedo to VSS.

Does it matter which of the two VSS wires that goes to ground? The VSS pigtail has GM correct yellow and purple wires.

I have tried the AutoLoc customer support, but they didn't understand my question at all. Is it me that's in the fog here?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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