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spray gun trouble

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I'm having trouble with my binks model 15.(yes I know, old school stuff).I don't know how to discribe it other than it is like spitting.Not like in globs of paint but it sprays then stops then sprays then stops.It does it even when spraying lacquar thinner.Any help out there???
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I'll help you pop this one to the top again. I had a cheepo gun do that recently and no matter what I did to try to cure the problem it stayed the same.. I'd like to know also.:thumbup:
My faithful old Harbor Freight 1 quart siphon gun started doing that recently. I'm guessing it is an air leak in the suction side of the gun but haven't had time to track it down. Don't use that gun much anyway since I got my gravity feed and even prefer my 2 qt pressure feed over the siphon gun for big jobs.
You probably have old paint in it. If paint sits in it for any amount of times afterwards then that will be the cause. Check the cup gasket. Also consider the age. When the small orifices get opened up from years of use it can cause that. After awhile they will wear out from use. Take a real fine wire and make SURE the tip has no residue what-so-ever in it. Look at the needle valve and make sure it is not worn. If ANY of the parts are worn it can also cause this problem. Remember that the basic components of a gun are aluminum. Throughout the years with all the chemicals that goes thru it can cause a deterioration and depending on the quality of the aluminum, brass, and steel will depend on the life expectancy of the equipment.
Get a paint gun rebuild kit, tear it all apart clean it up real good and put it back together. If it still gives you problems get a different paint gun. I rebuilt my old Devilbiss JGA last spring and it works like a new paint gun. BTW the rebuild kit only cost $10 for my paint gun.
Thanks everybody for the replys.I think that is a good idea to rebuild it.I'll just have to find a place to get the rebuild kit..:)
The keys are SPOTLESSLY clean and no possible air leaks.
When I want to do a good cleaning, I disassemble every single part on the gun that will come apart and clean every hole and passage. It is amazing how much gunk you find in the nooks and crannies.
I recently worked on a gun that had been cleaned in a gun washer all the time. Outside was decent but there was old paint (several different colors) all over the interior parts.
I'll bet ya if you just tighten the fluid tip real tight it'll stop spitting.:welcome:
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