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Static elec on glass car

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I wasn't sure where to put this but it deals with electricity so here it is.

My Willys is a plastic car. While riding on a trailer, ( it has to until the title is clear) it generates considerable static electricity. When I jump up on the trailer and touch the car I get a pretty good jolt. I really didn't think much of it other than it was a curiosity but when I went to put gas in it I got a heck of jolt opening the trunk. Then I jumped off the trailer and started the pump. I climbed back up on the trailer and as soon as i touched the car I got another. I had the live gas hose in my other hand. I touched the gas tank and rested my hand on it while i filled it up but I got thinking that there is potential for a big problem here.

Has anyone had similar experience or have a solution. i really don't want a static strip hanging down like they did inthe 50's.
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I get hit ''EVERY TIME'', I get out of my YUKON... :pain:One time I was putting gas in it,I turned the pump on,Went sit in the Yukon,When the pump stopped,I got out and made the mistake and didn't touch anything but the pump handle, :pain: And Let me tell you when we made contact,I thought it was over,I heard,And felt the ''pop''.. :pain: But nothing happen.Thank God.. :sweat: :sweat:
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