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Steering wheel decision help

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I'm trying to find a steering wheel that will work well in my AD pickup. The column is a tilt column and already sticks out pretty far into the cab. I'm using a junk wheel right now, and its got about a 3" dish. I don't have the exact measurements, but just looking at the setup right now, I want the flattest wheel/adapter combo I can find. I really like the grant nostalgia series wheels, but they have a 4.125" dish. I don't want the steering wheel sticking into my chin while driving (exaggeration). Does anyone know a wood finish wheel that has little to no dish? please consider adapter height, cause lecarra wheels are 1.25" but have a 2" adapter.
And can someone tell me how much farther out the wheel gets spaced out using the grant steering wheel install kit?
I would also consider a non wood wheel in the lecarra mark 10 style too.
thanks in advance for you help.
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Check with Ididit for their shorty adaptor. I couldn't find it on their web site but they probably still produce it.
If you are running the stock steering column it is going to be hard to find anything that doesn't put the wheel up under your chin.. At one time I had a 59 Corvette wheel in my 48 and it worked pretty well untill some guy came along with more money then sense.
If you are willing to shell out the money Nardi makes a flat spoke wood wheel.
Google Nardi Classic. Very spendy though. They were the standard wheel on Ferreri's from the 50's up through the 80's
A link to one
You would still have to do some serious inquiring as to measurements on the hub thickness. There are a number of Nardi wheels on Ebay.
also google "wood rim steering wheel".
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