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The thing i like about old cars and new sterio systems is you get to use your imagination. Alot of people have cut out the opening on the stock sterio to allow a DIN sized unit. its one option but not if your looking for the vintage look. im about a year away from worring about sterio issues with my project. for the rattling...youll get that problem in most trunks...old or new. one thing you can do is turn it up till you hear the rattle and hunt em down one by one....and fix em either by tightening something or putting some sort of rubber insulation between metal parts the are rattling off eachother. also check the rear deck below your may need to be glued or screwed down to the panel below.the springs on your trunk lid are also seseptable to rattle, along with your licence plate. as far as where to mount it you have several options like the one i stated at the begining. ive seen people put them in thier glove boxes which ads an extra element of secutity through obscurity. you caould also fabricate custom brackets and put it righ under the dash. ive seen a few comapnys that sell sterios that are new but have the exact dimentions as older ones with built in CD changer controllers. and ive even seen a wireless system that goes under your seat and is controlled by a remote with an LCD display built in. hope this helps a little.
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