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ohms are like power levels

less ohms more power, usually if you put 4 speakers in a series then you can get a 1 ohms freq, but less than that(2,4,6,8) puts out less power.

So basically from what i know [email protected] 4 ohms is 200 split 4 wasy so basically, 50 watts 2 is 100 and 0ne is full power . so 1000 watts @ one ohms is max power but your rms is normal operating power, peak power is the max you can push. usually no matter what unless its a kicker or a rockford just divide your max power in half (unless briged) and thats your power level and then dependins on your series of speakers will determine your ohmmage

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Doc here :pimp:

RMS is Root mean square... or the time it takes a signal to travel from one side of a sinusoidal Wave form to the other...

To visualize it, draw a line like this on a piece of paper ~ (only enlarge it...) then draw a line through the center of the waveform (squiggly line) and one at the top and one at the bottom...

At either end of the lines mark the center "0" watts The top 200 watts and the bottom 200 watts..

In our Theoretical system, The load is 8 (X2) ohms. at 8 (x2) ohms Wattage Capability is say 400 watts RMS...

The Peak to Peak power is going to be the amplitude at which the signal travels between the top and bottom lines over time...

If say for instance the signal travels 3/4 of the distance from "0" to the top, and the same at the bottom, you have 175 X 2 or 350 Watts the speaker's inputs...

Now reduce the load (Speaker)...To 4 (x2) ohms your Wattage Capability (assuming the amp is large enough) you are using less resistance to ground so your Capability will just about double..400 watts..(less power wasted on resistance load and heat dissipation)

A Bridgeable amp is an amp that has 4 or 8 output amplifiers, by joining Two per side as a single output your output doubles at that have 4 or 8 linear Amplifier's driving 2 or 4 outputs.

Clear as mud right?

Doc :pimp:
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