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Steve Banks (steveb10)

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Hi. I used to hotrod cars years ago. Now I'd like to get back into it and more seriously this time.
I have some questions: Will a Ford 5.4 liter mod motor fit into a '99-'06 Mustang in place of the 4.6? What about the engine harness? Will there be room to supercharge or turbocharge the motor? Can I use an automatic trans and, if so, what is the best? I know that these are probably beginners questions, but I hope that some of you more knowledgeable people will take the time to answer them. Many thanks for your help.
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The very general answer to your questions is yes, but with quite a bit of work involved. Go to the supermarket and get a copy of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, or check them out on the web... they have an article on mods like this every two or three months. Reading a few magazine articles will help you get some perspective on what and how much you want to do. and are also good sources but you will have to go through some searching to find the specific Ford stuff.
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