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Well I'm sure wifey won't be too happy ... hmmm but she'll have to live with it lol

I hooked the welder up to the outlet behind the dryer in the laundry room inside the house :D ... it has either a 20 or 30 Amp breaker ... gotta figure it out .. since that circuit is a bit more complicated

Result is ... the 1/16 rods .. waow.. yeah they sure burn better now.. almost too good

3/32 rods .. hmmmm starting to get it to work a bit better now actually

Now next step this week will be to hook up 240 power ... gotta pull out the dryer but it seems like there's a 240 outlet behind it ... since the breakers for the laundry room are setup 120/240

All other breakers ... are 15 Amps ... guess they thought no one would use any powertools while living in military housing

hmmm just like the TransAm's would only be driven up to 80 mph if the speedometers only went that high
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