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strange bogging..

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well.. this all started after i freshly installed the air-fuel ratio guage. i start it up and give it about 20 seconds, then the rpm's start getting real low and the engine stutters and the lights will dim... my guess is the alternator?? im confused... but after maybe a monute or two the car runs perfectly normal???

anyway im sure this can be solved just by reading the first sentence... so thank u VERY much ahead of time for the help!! im going on a trip to the ozarks this weekend and i need this problem fixed ASAP

crap by the way.. this is a 94 grand prix with a 3.1
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to start...disconnect the new gauge and see if your problem goes away. The alternator can be checked with a volt meter at the battery. CK the voltage at the battery before starting the car then after starting it to see if the alternator is good or not. The voltage should go up after starting the car to about 14 volts from about 12 volts at the battery with the car off.


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