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Doc here, :pimp:

THIS answers your FIRST post, you should have included it!

You have a dead alternator (more specific , internal diode pack ) ..Repair or replace it as needed..

That buzzing that you hear , that sounds like a door chime IS the Choke Relay..It gets power directly from the Field wire on the alternator.

The reason it is buzzing is because RAW AC is being run through it causing the relay to Vibrate Very fast, it sounds like a mini shaver..

I would repair this right away..It will burn out linear, HMOS /CMOS technology biased devices in the car..( CD Player, Tach, ECM, Computers alarm Systems, power amps) since these devices will not tolerate any AC on a DC source line without Thermal Shutdown ( Sometimes Forever).

Doc :pimp:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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