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street rod schools for auto body restoration

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Does anyone have any information on schools in Arizona that teach techniques for street rod/hot rod auto body restoration. The only one that I found that deals with the body work (Buster's) closed last year. I have checked all of the community colleges too. Even if you know of anyone that needs an apprentice or teaches on the side. Thank you.
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What? Busters in Glendale closed! :(
Yep. I even drove down there just to make sure I didn't get mis-informed. It is now a business called "Reliable Body and Paint." I didn't go inside to see if it was the same owner as the school. I guess it closed last year. I was very upset to find that out. The only other school I know of that teaches the old street rod body work is in Wyoming, and the street rod course is an add on course.
McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas has an accredited two year college program to learn automobile restoration. This takes a student through every aspect...mechanical, machining, woodworking, preservation of history, etc.
This College has Jay Leno on their Board of Directors. Check them out at:

They also offer week-long sessions during the summer geared for enthusiasts.

Gerry Dedonis
Kansas Racing Products Inc.
Thanks Gerry that sounds good. I'll check it out.
I'm planning on going to McPherson at least for a week some summer in the near future, and if I can make a go at hot rods professionally (a lot of rodders around where I'm from, but not a lot of speed shops and the like) I'll go there for as long as I can.

They are REALLY nice, I've spoken with them quite a few times. Call and get a course catalog.

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